Welcome home, stranger! 

This is Brasov – original script:
“They say home is where the heart is;
But home…no matter where you are going; no matter where you have been…
The sights you see; the air you breathe; the life you lead…
This is Brasov – where your heart belongs!
Because some sunrises never set, and some memories never fade;
And after ten thousand years, these are eyes that look the same.
When a place of such wonder will make imaginations stir;
And the people will tell a story so captivating – you’ll hear each…and every…word…
Of a place whose history seems less real and more make-­‐believe;
And with fabled castles on the horizon’s edge…
A place where legend is truth.
Because the roots of our words go as deep as our history
As we pass on an unforgettable legacy.
So enter gates that stand the test of time;
And see a crown that rules the land;
And the mountains that protected;
The castles that were created
The houses that built them
And the roads that connect them…to the memories, and the heart – of an ancient,
epic city, wrapped in an everlasting glow of adventure…and energy.
Because whether you’re returning, or going, or simply passing through;
‘Home’ is a place that always remembers you.
This is Brasov…where your heart belongs.”
© thisisbrasov.com

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